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May 1, 2024

Naomi Judd Estate Releases ‘Artist’ Virtual Exhibit Featuring Rare, Never-Before-Seen Artifacts From Judd’s Legendary Career & Life

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April 16, 2024

Naomi Judd Estate Announces Virtual Exhibit Featuring Rare, Never-Before-Seen Artifacts From Judd’s Legendary Career & Life

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January 17, 2024

Mötley Crüe Celebrates 43rd Anniversary Launching The World’s Most Notorious Museum, CRÜESEUM In Partnership with Definitive Authentic 

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December 20, 2023

Definitive Authentic Wraps 2023 With The Launch of Nancy Wilson’s Collectibles Shop

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Growing up as an aspiring musician and music fanatic, Brad Mindich was fascinated by the powerful relationship between artists, content, and audiences. His experience over the years reinforced his belief in the deep connection between creators, their content, and fans and how this extraordinary, integrated relationship impacts individual and community behavior and identity. This conviction brought Mindich to found Inveniem, a company that preserves, protects, and expands the legacies of some of the world’s most important cultural figures, enhancing their direct connection with their fans across multiple integrated channels.  

In a decade, Inveniem’s largely confidential client list has grown to include the world’s most influential, respected, and successful cultural icons across nearly every genre. From the leaders of hard rock, classic rock, hip-hop, alternative, and country music to the most admired athletes and actors to classic international brands, the common theme is trusted collaboration and connection. Mindich states, “Everyone in our company sees first-hand and every day how what we do at Inveniem matters to our clients and their fans. I don’t think that happens at many other companies. Finding things clients didn’t know they had, then protecting, showcasing, preserving, and exploring new avenues for fan engagement they hadn’t considered is truly meaningful. It’s a privilege for all of us to be a part of this holistic, culturally expansive experience.”  

A Boston native with a deep appreciation for education, Mindich attended Boston University for his Bachelor’s degree, followed by Masters’ degrees at Dartmouth and Babson Colleges, and a Doctoral degree from Vanderbilt University: “I believe in the relationship between academic and experiential learning, and I think studying everything from arts to business to memory theory to organizational behavior has made me a better leader and creative entrepreneur.”    

Prior to Inveniem, Mindich was president of the Phoenix Media/Communications Group (PMCG), which included the influential alternative media properties, The Boston Phoenix and WFNX, among other regional, national, and international multi-media companies. He left PMCG in 2011 and founded Agent Phoenix, a brand realignment and creative consulting agency that counted PwC, Gannett, Bowers & Wilkins, and Mercedes as clients. The Agent Phoenix team also developed exclusive experiential events with artists including Metallica, Coldplay, Norah Jones, Jeff Bridges, Tegan and Sara, Gary Clark, Jr., Amos Lee, Questlove, Elvis Costello, and more. Creating these direct-to-fan events offered Brad a broad understanding of the needs of artists and how those needs might be better served: “I think that the combination of my years of work inside the PMCG, and starting and growing Agent Phoenix, shaped my perspective on how to super-serve creators and their artifacts and history. Combine that with opportunity, timing, drive, entrepreneurship, and education, and Inveniem emerged from the integration of these diverse, yet related, experiences.”   

At Inveniem, Brad would be the first to say that he and the team often comment that they feel “humbled and privileged” at the opportunity to work with these cultural icons, “We are unique and created a business from nothing that helps support the initiatives, goals, and legacies of the most important creators in the world. Not everyone gets to do this, and I will say that sometimes the sixteen-year-old me has to remember that this is all real.”  

In addition to Inveniem, Brad is a writer, lecturer, and motorcycle enthusiast who holds a fifth-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He lives in Boston and is still practicing the guitar, trying to get those riffs just right.


Definitive Authentic works directly with renowned artists, athletes, brands, and franchises across music, culture, and sports to expand their legacies and create powerful connections with their fans. As the consumer-facing brand of Inveniem—a leader in confidential archival services---it has access to first-hand stories, personal archives, and authenticated memorabilia. Created by Inveniem in 2020, Definitive Authentic builds digital and physical experiences, creates compelling narratives, and tells stories through technology for their clients’ physical and digital artifacts. Its platform enables talent and their estates to generate previously untapped revenue across live experiences. Examples include Ghost’s immersive touring museum experience, virtual museums with limited-edition collectibles like the Metallica Black Box and the Def Leppard Vault, and one-of-a-kind artifact auctions like basketball player Devin Booker’s charity initiative. Definitive Authentic is revolutionizing the fan experience, one artifact at a time.


Inveniem is an archival content and IP management company that works with iconic global creators to provide confidential archival services for their clients’ physical and digital artifacts. Founded in 2012, Ineveniem identified a need to professionally connect a client’s past, present, and future, its diverse and rapidly growing client roster includes Metallica, Chris Paul, Eric Idle, Metallica, The Naomi Judd Estate, Nancy Wilson, Def Leppard, and more. Inveniem preserves and protects the legacies of well-known figures across music, sports, art, culture, lifestyle, and more. The company is known for both its obsession with confidentiality and its overarching message to its clients: Your past is your future®.



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