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photo credit: Spencer Kohn make-up: Eric Vosburg Download

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April 19, 2017

Stalking Gia's "Siren" Out Now Exclusively via Marie Claire

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"I want to create a whole world that people can get lost in," says Stalking Gia. "That's something I think about with everything I release."

Marrying entrancing vocals and infectious melodies with arresting visuals and dreamy production, Stalking Gia has indeed crafted her own musical world, and it's a fully immersive wonderland. The breakout NYC artist's latest single, "Siren," is a prime showcase for the kind of dark, alternative pop sensibilities that have fueled her rapid rise, with Marie Claire hailing the "hypnotic" track as an "iridescent, ethereal earworm" and Hilly Dilly swooning for its "oceanic synths and beach-y guitar."

"I've always been fascinated by the mythology of sirens," says Gia, whose name is a sly wink at our voyeuristic, social media and celebrity-driven culture. "They were devious creatures that resembled mermaids but used their voices to enchant sailors and incite them to wreck. That could have been me in a past life."

It's should come as little surprise, then, that the sea holds a special magnetism for Gia. She and her collaborators (Joni Fatora and Noise Club) brought "Siren" to life beside the ocean in East Hampton, New York, a favorite location for writing retreats. There, they contemplated the nature of attraction and the power of desire as they conjured up the song's mesmerizing soundscape.

"We were really inspired by the opening scene in 'Romeo & Juliet' where they first lock eyes through the fish tank," remembers Gia. "The opening verse of 'Siren' is the inner dialogue of all that's unsaid in that moment. We had the scene on loop as we wrote."

That kind of repetitive immersion has proven to be one of the keys to Gia's creative process. When she was invited to pen the hook for rap star Raekwon's new single "Purple Brick Road," she listened to the song roughly fifty times in a row before landing on the melody that she wanted.

"After I wrote the chorus, Raekwon heard it and actually scratched what he had originally rapped," says Gia. "He was inspired by my hook and wrote a whole new verse, and then he got G-Eazy on the track. It was amazing to see all of that come out of my one take demo."

"Siren" follows the runaway success of Stalking Gia's most recent single, "Second Nature," which has racked up more than five million streams on Spotify and earned an avalanche of critical acclaim. Vice Noisey compared the "laidback brilliant" track to Tame Impala and Metronomy, while Nylon praised Gia's "vividly imaginative compositions and unmistakable vocal style," and The Wild Honey Piecalled the song "cozy, dreamy and subtly vulnerable."

"As soon as we started writing that track, I had a good feeling about it," remembers Gia. "It really cut to me and made me kind of stop over-thinking and just feel for a second. It was like something built up inside of me that needed to be released, and I think a lot of people related to the honesty of those lyrics."

Ultimately, it's that honesty that defines Stalking Gia's art. It's easy to get lost in her music and her videos and her stunning live performances because they're all such truthful, outward reflections of complex and hidden worlds that lie within each of us. Gia's songs give voice to secret thoughts and furtive glances, nagging doubts and burning desires. She soundtracks the moments when words alone won't—and can't ever—suffice. It's an alluring, beguiling sound, one that it draws you in and pulls you under.

Perhaps it wasn't only a past life in which Stalking Gia was a siren.



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