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Release date: 1.13.23

Label: Chimera Music

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November 16, 2022

Rock & Roll Futurists UNI and the Urchins reveal "Simulator"

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September 29, 2022

UNI and The Urchins lead the apocalyptic space race with "Popstar Supernova"

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September 14, 2022

Mutate or Die: UNI and The Urchins Announce Debut Album ‘Simulator,’ out January 13th, 2023 on Chimera Music

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UNI and The Urchins are trans-human-glam-art-punks, imbuing spliced tape, 16mm film and obsolete technologies with futurist themes of genetic modification and artificial intelligence. As Ziggy looked to the space race and moon landing as defining zeitgeists of his time, UNI looks to the Singularity and the horizon of VR replacing all flesh. They weave acrobatic melodies and orchestral arrangements with grunge guitars and industrial beats, and their debut album identifies as being “genre-less” or “neuro-divergent pop.”

This post apocalyptic cult formed when Kemp ran a personal ad for total head replacement on Craigslist, which David Strange, having the appropriate tool kit, replied to. They decided surgical experiments would be less commercial than just starting a band. Soon Jack James applied to their dating website for eunuchs and Gynoids, the indie rock Indigo child completing their trippy triptych.

They started a weekly regime of radioactivity exposure, in keeping with their occult motto “Mutate or Die.” After several sex and tax related scandals, they changed their name to Uni And The Urchins, with their iconic emblem; a spiky sea urchin, spray painted in back alleys across the country by devoted followers.

Melody is a coded language for these underworld orphans, and it’s rumored if you play their first album “Simulator” backwards on a blood moon eclipse, you can hear the ghosts of Alan Turing and Marc Bolan whispering in binary code.

Shedding her Maybelline model image, bassist Charlotte Kemp Muhl has a background in psych rock from The GOASTT, her band with Sean Ono Lennon, their album Midnight Sun hailed by Rolling Stone and NPR as a best-of-the-year. She has since played bass on Jack White's Boarding House Reach, acted as a zombie in Jim Jarmusch's The Dead Don't Die, and composed the score for an upcoming Crispin Glover film. She has directed all of Uni's videos and mini-films, and engineered, mixed and mastered their new album “Simulator” herself. A workaholic and a diehard control freak, her biology is 70% composed of cup ramen and useless science factoids. 

Jack James is the androgynous alien front-man, starring in and co-creative directing their transmedia production house. He appears in television shows such as the FOX series Gotham, Rock Me, and the lead role in feature film, Mister Sister, a performance which earned him a Winter Film Awards nomination for Best Actor. From Blackbook magazine: “Singer Jack James’ ghostly falsetto makes the proceedings all the more eerie and disconcerting… an alarmingly tall man who resembles a cult character from horror movies… vocal chops oozing charisma and star power.” He can also appear at your Bar Mitzvah dressed as the lovechild of Kenneth Anger and Peewee Herman for the small fee of 13 Fabergé eggs and your immortal soul.



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