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Chris Taillie
Chris Taillie

Chris Taillie

Favorite YouTube video?

James Brown discovers that Michael Jackson and Prince are both in the crowd at one of his shows:

List five items currently in your refrigerator:

Beer (weird Quebec brewery finds from a recent trip to Montreal + hometown stuff like Genny, Canadian), Sriracha, pickles from my Aunt Janet, Cheerwine soda (the best), several Wegmans brand products

If you could attend any concert in history, what would it be?

T.A.M.I. Show

First album you ever owned?

The first music purchase I made with my own money was with BMG's mail-order club, you could get 7 CDs at a time for a few bucks.  My first order included Green Day's 'Dookie,' Weezer's Blue album, Soundgarden and Nirvana's 'Unplugged' + 'Nevermind.'  Going into 7th grade what more could you ask for?  

Your most treasured possession?

My Grandfather gave me his old boy scout pocket knife when I was young and its been one of my most cherished possessions.