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Eduardo Rios Pulgar
Eduardo Rios Pulgar

Eduardo Rios Pulgar

Do you have any hidden talents?

For years now, I've been reading tarot cards and natal charts. I can also do palms, but not as well.


Your most treasured possession?

There are three: the Montblanc pen my dad gave me for my 21st birthday, the bust of Venus I bought in Prague, and the Instax my friend took of Julian Casablancas.


Favorite book - now or when you were a kid?

As a kid, a tie between Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia. Now, Pablo Neruda's Odas elementales.


Which celebrity do you get mistaken for?

I've gotten Freddie Mercury pretty frequently.


If you could attend any concert in history, what would it be?

The Strokes at Hammerstein Ballroom on Halloween 2001 or Janis Joplin at Woodstock on August 16th, 1969.