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Matt Hanks
Matt Hanks

Matt Hanks

Favorite place in the world and why?

Cozy Corner, Memphis, TN, home to my favorite meal on earth, the super-hot, six-bone rib plate with a side of bbq spaghetti

Which celebrity do you get mistaken for?

Questlove once mistook me for Will Forte.  He was embarrassed; I was psyched!

Favorite YouTube video?

Gotta be

If you could attend any concert in history, what would it be?

Just one?  Impossible.  But these would be on my shortlist:

George Jones at Dancetown USA, Houston, TX, 1965

Elvis Presley on the Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, LA, 1955

Jerry Lee Lewis at the Star Club, Hamburg, 1964

John Coltrane at the Half Note, NYC, 1965

MC5 at the Media Conference, Buffalo, NY, 1969

Eggs Over Easy at the Tally Ho, London, 1971

Big Star at the First Annual Rock Writers Convention, 1973

Live Stiffs Tour, UK, 1977

Rockpile at the Bottom Line, NYC, 1978

Biggest phobia?