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18 December, 2020Print

Andrea Bocelli Offers Intimate Christmas Performance Today From The Stunning Frassasi Caves In Genga, Italy


Click HERE To Watch “A Christmas Prayer” on 

Friday, December 18 at 1:00 pm EST on Facebook Live


5-Song Performance and Poetry Reading Celebrate

The Power of Music to Soothe The Soul


Andrea Bocelli will offer his fans an intimate Christmas performance “A Christmas Prayer” today at 1:00 pm EST on Facebook Live from the spectacular Frasassi Caves in Genga, Italy. The 5-song performance and special poetry reading will take place in the most famous show caves in the world. Frasassi Caves were created by calcareous stratifications over 190 million years old creating a stunning and magical environment of limestone formations. Pianist Carlo Bernini joins Bocelli, along with dancer Brittany O’Connor. Click HERE to watch the performance. 

This unique performance book ends a year of spectacular and record-breaking livestream events for Bocelli. Last week, Bocelli performed one of the largest single ticketed livestream events for classical music with his “Believe in Christmas” concert from the Teatro Regio Di Parma, Italy. The show sold more than 70,000 tickets to a global audience from 120 different countries and featured Bocelli’s show stopping performance of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah along with his 8-year old daughter Virginia. Click HERE to watch. 

In a moment that made the world stand still last April, Bocelli broke multiple records with an emotionally-charged solo performance streamed live from the Duomo in Milan. Bocelli’s record-breaking ‘Music for Hope’ performance at Easter was watched live by millions around the globe. As one of the biggest musical livestream performances of all-time it achieved the largest simultaneous audience for a classical livestream in YouTube history with more than 28 million views from across the globe in its first 24 hours. The video has since achieved nearly 42 million views.  

These moving performances accompany the release of Bocelli's new album Believe, a poignant and personal collection of songs, celebrating the power of music to soothe the soul. Co-produced by Steven Mercurio and Haydn Bendall, Believe features duets with Alison Krauss and Cecilia Bartoli – two singers whose distinctive voices are celebrated around the world. The album also includes a previously unreleased track from the late, great Italian composer Ennio Morricone. Believe also features ‘Gratia Plena’ – the closing song from the critically acclaimed new movie, Fatima. To watch the powerful rendition of “Amazing Grace” with Alison Krauss - click HERE


“A Christmas Prayer” Set List: 

Caro Gesù Bambino

Music by Piero Soffici - Lyrics by Pier Quinto Cariaggi

Publishing: Peermusic Italy Srl


White Christmas

Music by Irving Berlin - Lyrics by Irving Berlin

Publishing: Irving Berlin Music Corp.



Music by Mauro Malavasi - Lyrics by Mauro Malavasi

Publishing Sugarmusic Spa, Almud Edizioni Musicali Srl


Fratello Sole Sorella Luna (Dolce è sentire)

Music by Riz Ortolani - Lyrics by Rina Ranieri

Publishing Wise Music Group Ltd


Poem by Andrea Bocelli

Man, how small you are in the presence of Him who wanted you to be made for the light

And how great you are compared to the misery that is produced in you!

Tragically free and suspended between infinity and nothingness,

the vanity of the world, which perishes,

leaving you defeated and vilified

Drunk with pride and lost in your ego,

thunder against fate and its decrees;

Arbiter on earth and of yourself God,

Pursue what makes your days happy.

Impressed and overcome by the light

You cling to those who in the oxen lead you.

What loses you and corrupts you, you love

And all that destroys you, you crave.

Foolish you are, slave in chains,

Rebellious, for the purpose of devoting yourself to the good.

If only for a moment you could

See beyond yourself,

beyond the walls of your painful prison

And wanted to escape the lie and the fear,

Then yes,

you would know the meaning of your life,

and its immense value.


Silent Night

Music by Franz Xaver Gruber

Lyrics by Joseph Mohr

Publishing Public Domain

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