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14 December, 2020Print

Andrea Bocelli’s Believe In Christmas Concert Event From Teatro Regio di Parma Opera House in Italy Breaks Livestream Records

Andrea Bocelli’s Believe In Christmas Concert Event From Teatro Regio di Parma Opera House in Italy Breaks Livestream Records

Watch an Exclusive Clip HERE of Bocelli and his 8-Year-Old Daughter Virginia Perform Their Show-Stopping Rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah

Saturday  night’s  (Dec  12th)  livestream  performance  by Andrea  Bocelli  has  become  the most successful online ticketed classical events of all time.

Performing from the illustrious surroundings of the Teatro Regio di Parma opera house in Italy, the world-renowned Italian tenor sold more than 70,000 tickets for his spectacular Believe In Christmas show to a global audience from 120 different countries.

The concert featured special guests including Zucchero Fornaciari, Ceclia Bartoli, Clara Barbier Serrano and Bocelli’s 8-year-old daughter Virginia - making her first ever public performance  -  alongside  a  full  orchestral  accompaniment.  The  one-off  event’s  ornate visuals   were   provided   by   creative   director   Franco   Dragone,   best   known   for   his groundbreaking  work  with  Cirque  Du  Soleil,  and  presented  with  sumptuous  theatrical drama by award-winning film director Giorgio Testi of Pulse Films.

Watch an exclusive clip  here,  with Andrea  and  Virginia  performing  their  show-stopping rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

Photos from the event can be downloaded here (credit: Luca Rossetti)

Believe  In  Christmas  was  promoted  and  produced  by  Driift,  the  pioneering  livestream business behind ticketed online events for artists including Niall Horan, Nick Cave, Kylie Minogue, Laura Marling and Biffy Clyro.

“We all believed in it together: from the guests to the musicians, to the dancers and the

technicians,” said Andrea Bocelli. “We all believed in this Christmas, conjured up in the perfect  place  –  the  theatre  –  where  dreams  take  shape.  True  beauty  is  poetry,  music, truth.  That  very  beauty  that  I  was  able  to  experience  alongside  my  lifelong  friend, Zucchero,  the  amazing  Cecilia,  the  young  promising  Clara  and  the  talented Anastasia, with Mercurio’s conducting prowess, Franco Dragone’s direction and Giorgio Testi’s skillful touch. I would like to thank Driift, who together with my management team believed in this show from the beginning. Special thanks go to my little Virginia, my favourite fan, who on this occasion was not a spectator rather the protagonist of the show. Most importantly, it's Christmas, so there was a little magic in the air”.

“We  are  privileged  to  work  with  a  living  legend,”  said  Francesco  Pasquero  and  Scott Rodger  of  Maverick  Management.  “Once  again Andrea  has  delivered  a  masterclass  in entertainment,  setting  a  new  standard  for  livestreaming  events.  Following  on  from  his phenomenal  Easter  concert,  this  is  another  fantastic  achievement  for  classical  music. Along with Veronica, Dragone and his amazing team and Giorgio Testi, this has been a coming  together  of  some  of  the  greatest  creative  minds,  working  together  tirelessly  to deliver last night’s stunning performance.”

“We  are  simply  overjoyed  with  the  success  of  Believe  In  Christmas,”  said  Ric  Salmon, CEO,  Driift.  “The  opportunity  to  work  with Andrea  was  an  absolute  dream,  and  having Franco Dragone sprinkle his visual magic on top allowed us to create the perfect festive show.  For  Driift,  it  was  the  essence  of  what  we’ve  come  to  understand  about  this  new format, and the culmination of everything we’ve learnt over the 15 shows we’ve worked on over the last six months.”

Other  event  partners  for Believe  In  Magic  included  Community  Jameel,  Salvatori  and Taffix.

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