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17 January, 2014Print

Bruce Springsteen Talks About ‘‘Triumphant’’ ‘High Hopes’ On And Expands Tour

Bruce Springsteen Talks About ''Triumphant'' 'High Hopes' On & Expands Tour

Bruce Springsteen spoke about his new recording 'High Hopes' with in an hour-plus interview that delves deeply into how the album evolved, how it was recorded and much more. In the wide-ranging interview, Springsteen also talked about his early New York City gigs and mentioned 52 different musicians and bands ranging from Hank Williams to a host of current artists. The entire interview and full list of musicians and bands is here:

Earlier this week, Springsteen's 2014 tour dates grew with the announcement of his return to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival on May 3, with additional tour dates expected to be announced.

On the 2014 tour dates, fans will be able to use new technology to enjoy Springsteen's legendary live concerts. Fans around the world can purchase a special USB wristband, both online and at the tour venues. Starting with the first 'High Hopes' show in Cape Town, South Africa on January 26, they will be able to pick one show of their choice to download on their USB wristband (approximately 48 hours after the show).

'High Hopes'

"A portrait of the artist at the top his 21st-century game... full of surprises, all with a reason for being there." - Rolling Stone, 4.5 stars

"Makes you want to follow Springsteen wherever he may go" - NPR Fresh Air

"Thanks for the awesome bonus, Boss! ['High Hopes'] is purely high points... Here's hoping our hero never quits" - Us Weekly, 4 stars

"'High Hopes' gets everything right" - Washington Post

"Springsteen is once more a man standing with a guitar in his hand, triumphant" - Esquire

"Crackles with immediacy" - Entertainment Weekly

"A compelling, unified statement: part grief and grievance, part love and transcendence." - American Songwriter

"Powerful and appealing" - Newsday

"A potent valentine for diehard fans" - Boston Globe