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1 January, 2017Print

Capitol Theatre Fact Sheet

• Located just north of New York City in the village of Port Chester, the Capitol Theatre reopened in 2012 after a massive renovation, installing the finest sound, lighting and video equipment. One of the premiere venues in rock and roll history – having hosted such legendary acts as Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead – the reborn venue now offers concertgoers an unparalleled home for music and entertainment


• The venue sells over 150,000+ tickets per year, with more than 100 shows in 2016


• Notable Capitol Theatre performers include Bob Dylan, Steely Dan, Wilco, Furthur, The Strokes, Skrillex, Willie Nelson, Jeff Beck, Steve Winwood, Alabama Shakes, My Morning Jacket, Snoop Dogg, Black Crowes, Robert Plant, Queens of the Stone Age, Bon Iver, and more


• The Capitol Theatre is social - it can be found on Facebook (96k+ likes), Twitter (10k+ followers), Instagram (19k+ followers) and Snapchat


• "A rock theatre that looks and sounds as good as The Capitol is something to celebrate." -Jon Pareles, The New York Times


"The best venue in America" -Mike Martinovich, Red Light Management


"Absolutely stunning" -Billboard


"See, there’s only two theaters, man…that are setup pretty groovy all around for music and for smooth stage changes, good lighting and all that -the Fillmore and The Capitol Theatre. And those are the only two in the whole country" -Jerry Garcia


• In 2014, The Capitol Theatre opened Garcia's at The Capitol Theatre, a bar and music venue in the late performer's honor, in partnership with the family of Jerry Garcia