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8 February, 2023Print

CREEM Issue #003 Cover Art + Contents Revealed Out March 15

Feat. Metallica, Weyes Blood, Billy Corgan, Tom Waits, Ty Segall, Katy Kirby, “Clowncore” & More

Peter Frampton Final Tour Feature Available Here

Today, the iconic and newly reborn CREEM announced the cover and contents for its third issue since the magazine’s audacious relaunch earlier last year. The cover features original artwork by L.A.-based graphic artist and musician Iphigenia (Foie Graphics). Her work explores power and perversion through a subversive and humorous lens, so in illustrating the Spring 2023 cover for CREEM, she naturally took aim at portions of the publication’s “yikes did we really say that?!?” seventies-era. She says, “With the cover I wanted to pull together a funny way of saying, ‘We’ve made a mistake’ with respect to some of the things done in the past.”


The new issue will span generations & genres, from features on Weyes Blood, Katy Kirby and Poison Ruïn to Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan, “How to party your way into signing Metallica,” the return of Botch, a CREEM history of Britpop, and Tom Waits.


Starting today, readers can preview a full article from the issue at around Peter Frampton and his final tour after being stricken with a rare degenerative muscular disease. CREEM was with the guitar legend for some of the final dates, and he sat for his first photoshoot with the magazine in more than 40 years. 


Revised CREEM columns Stars Cars (Ty Segall), CREEM Dreem (Hurray for the Riff Raff), Eleganza (“Clowncore” music and fashion) and CREEM Comix will also return. Subscribers and those who sign up by February 15 will be mailed the Spring 2023 issue, also available to them on along with the entire magazine’s archive. New subscribers will also get a free Boy Howdy! t-shirt while supplies last.

One of the most unlikely and successful media relaunches, CREEM debuted its first magazine issue since 1989 in 2022, along with the CREEM Archive featuring every issue from the magazine’s original 20 year run. Vanity Fair revealed the first print cover for the new oversized subscription-only premium quarterly, featuring original art by the legendary Raymond Pettibon (responsible for Sonic Youth's Goo album cover & others). 


CREEM’s second revived issue featured a cover and apparel designed by visionary artist Jeremy Deanbest known for his "Wonders of Black Flag'' tees mashing up Grateful Dead & Black Flag iconography, alongside working with The Rolling Stones, Circle Jerks, Ceremony & more. The new CREEM has featured fresh takes on classic stories from The Who, Terry Allen and a Creedence Clearwater Revival CIA scandal, championed up-and-coming artists like Special Interest and KeiyaA, as well as explored in-depth pieces from the last days with David Berman to billionaire CEOs like the Winklevoss twins “purchasing” rock-star status and beyond.

Founded in 1969 Detroit, CREEM grew from underground paper to national powerhouse - an essential source of music journalism for twenty years. It reflected and shaped the culture, cultivating some of the most legendary writing talent of the era: Lester Bangs, Cameron Crowe, Patti Smith, Robert Christgau and Jaan Uhelszki, who now returns as editor. The magazine’s original rise and fall is chronicled in the critically-acclaimed 2020 documentary CREEM: America's Only Rock 'n' Roll Magazine, which earned praise everywhere from The New York Times to CBS This Morning. 


Today, CREEM Entertainment is led by former VICE publisher John Martin as CEO, alongside Chairman JJ Kramer (son of original CREEM co-founder & publisher Barry Kramer). In addition to Uhelszki, the new CREEM editorial staff includes VP of Content Fred Pessaro formerly of VICE’s Noisey and Executive Editor Dan Morrissey from Entertainment Weekly. Editorial advisor Dave Carnie has worked with Jackass, ESPN, Big Brother, and Penthouse. Grace Scott joined as Associate Editor after her work with VICE & The Toronto Star, and Zachary Lipez as Editor at Large, following his work with Pitchfork, The Washington Post and others. This fall, CREEM welcomed Stephanie Augello as Photo Editor. Augello is an entertainment photographer and editor who has worked with Live Nation, Shutterstock Editorial, and ABC.

CREEM Issue #003 Table of Contents:


The Fifth Horseman

How to party your way into signing Metallica.

By Howie Abrams 


Ride or Die

Into the darkness with Weyes Blood.

By Gracie Hadland


Billy Corgan Gives Good Zoom

A conversation about Atum, the Smashing Pumpkins’ three-way album. 

By Jaan Uhelszki


End of the Road

Stricken with a rare disease, Peter Frampton may have played his final tour. Do you feel like we do?

By Jeff Slate


Paper Cuts

Andreia Lemos’ surreal portraits aren’t an LSD flashback, we promise.


Unwanted Thoughts

The slippery business of super-fucked-up record covers.

By Sam McPheeters


Tom Waits for No One

A musician’s attempt at understanding Ol’ Raspy and his annoying fans.

By Hether Fortune


The Best Boy Band Ever

Botch are back. Let the trolling begin.

By Fred Pessaro


Eleganza: The Big HA!

Clowncore is more than just the latest strange trend in music and fashion—it’s a lifestyle.

By Leah Mandel


Don’t Look Back in Anger

Remembering Britpop, the genre that was super into remembering stuff.

By Zachary Lipez


You Are What You Eat!

Tchotchke make power pop that’s as charming as a cute, small, decorative object...what are those called again?

By Grace Scott


Only Punks Are Pretty

An intimate look at decades of underground music.

Words and photos by Martin Sorrondeguy



CREEM Dreem: Hurray for the Riff Raff

Road Trippin’ with Joey Santiago

Stars Cars: Ty Segall

Born to Booze

Litter Box

Greetings From Detroit

CREEM Profiles: Katy Kirby

Dusty Fingers: 


Soul Blind

Nerd Shit

Poison Ruin





About CREEM Entertainment:

CREEM Entertainment is the modern-day reincarnation of Detroit's legendary CREEM Magazine. During its initial twenty-year run, CREEM launched the careers of countless iconic music journalists and bands, while never hesitating to lampoon those who took themselves too seriously. Today's CREEM, powered by the next generation of cage-rattling truth tellers and provocateurs, delivers the best content, merchandise, and experiences to rock 'n' roll fans of all ages. Boy Howdy!


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