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23 February, 2018Print

Elizabeth Mitchell & Suni Paz Come Together on Tú Eres Mi Flor

Elizabeth Mitchell & Suni Paz Come Together on 'Tú Eres Mi Flor'

Children's Spanish Language Collection Releases April 6

'Tú Eres Mi Flor' is a sunny collection of songs sung in Spanish by beloved children's artists Elizabeth Mitchell and Suni Paz. Released on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings during the record label's 70th anniversary celebration, the album honors the legacy of Folkways founder Moses Asch to document quality children's music, and it balances ample amounts of fun and education. The selections include many well-known American folk songs that have been adapted for the enjoyment of both Spanish- and English-speaking children.

Listen to this 3-song sampler.

Elizabeth Mitchell is a two-time GRAMMY nominee and a best-selling children's artist, as well as a member of indie-rock band Ida. Suni Paz is an Argentinian singer, educator and activist who has been recording poignant and stirring albums with Folkways since the 1970s. They make a beautiful pairing on this tender, lovely and entertaining collection for today's youth and families. From these two respected voices in the folk, Latin and children's music communities, this album is ideal for both sing-alongs and learning. Families will recognize classic folk songs and tracks from family-friendly artists like Dan Zanes, Ella Jenkins, Renee & Jeremy, Raffi, Bob Marley, Anna Padgett and Pete Seeger as well as favorites from Mitchell and Paz's own catalogs. 

Mitchell has expressed the necessity for an album like 'Tú Eres Mi Flor:' "Music can do the magic trick of dissolving boundaries between people while simultaneously honoring the diversity that makes true harmony possible. If we can sing together, maybe we can find the humanity in each other that makes peace possible, and learning music from multilingual sources can be an empowering and enlightening bridge for people of all ages to cross together. Suni Paz is an artist who has been building those bridges throughout her career with her music, her poetry and her advocacy for cultural literacy, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with and learn from her." The universal themes throughout the album are harmony, compassion, gratitude and kindness, underscoring the duo's firm belief that learning each other's languages and songs is a powerful way to come together. Suni Paz had been a hero of Elizabeth Mitchell's since she discovered Paz's album 'Alerta Sings and Songs for the Playground' (2000) and learned her songs. The two later became friends, when Paz accepted Mitchell's invitation to sing at a concert in Los Angeles in 2008, and it was there that the seeds of 'Tú Eres Mi Flor' were planted.

With its fun and engaging songs, 'Tú Eres Mi Flor' is sure to become an instant classic. Families will appreciate the stunning musicianship and blending of these trusted voices, and also the high children's music standard of entertaining while gently sharing its educational mission and important messages. The album is perfect choice for both the home and the classroom.

'Tú Eres Mi Flor ' releases April 6, 2018 and includes a 40-page booklet with bilingual notes and lyrics in English and Spanish. It is recommended for ages 3-10. Elizabeth Mitchell and Suni Paz will be performing songs from the new collection at the upcoming Brooklyn Folk Festival on April 8 at the historic St. Ann's Church in Brooklyn Heights. 


Elizabeth Mitchell is a twice GRAMMY-nominated Smithsonian Folkways recording artist who has been making music for children and families for 20 years. Her albums have an unparalleled intimacy and gentle charm that have brought peace and joy to families around the world. Elizabeth records and performs with her husband, Daniel Littleton, and sixteen-year-old daughter, Storey, and has collaborated with artists including Natalie Merchant and Ziggy Marley. Elizabeth hosted a series of kids' Rambles with Levon Helm at his legendary home studio and also presented the kids' stage of the Newport Folk Festival for several years. In recent years she has produced a series of concerts benefitting victims of domestic violence, featuring performances by Ronnie Spector, Kate Pierson, Emily King and Amanda Palmer.


Suni Paz is an Argentinian singer, composer, writer, educator, social activist and pioneer in the use of music to teach Spanish-language curricula. In her performances and throughout her life, Suni has deftly combined her message of cultural awareness and personal awakening with an unshakable optimism. As part of the progressive Latin American music movement known as nueva canción (new song), Suni has created music with a conscience out of her commitment to social justice and passion for education. In addition to eight albums on the Smithsonian Folkways label, she has recorded more than four hundred songs for children and performed on the world stage alongside American icons such as Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Guy Carawan and Phil Ochs.


1. Gracias Mil / Thanks a Lot (Raffi)

2. Hola / Hello (Dan Zanes)

3. Es un Mundo Grande / It's a Big World (Renee & Jeremy)

4. Tú Eres Mi Sol / You Are My Sunshine (Jimmie Davis)

5. Bajo el Fuerte Árbol de la Nuez / Under the Big Chestnut Tree (Traditional Japanese)

6. Paz Como un Río / Peace Like a River (Traditional)

7. Abecedario / ABC Song (Suni Paz)

8. Mantra Nocturna / Night Mantra (Renee & Jeremy)

9. Rema, Rema, Rema el Bote / Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Traditional)

10. Canta Conmigo / Sing With Me (Good Ms Padgett) feat. Dan Zanes and Sonia de los Santos

11. A Todos En El Mundo Entero / To Everyone in All The World (Peter Seeger) feat. Dan Zanes and Sonia de los Santos

12. Cantarás una Canción / You'll Sing a Song and I'll Sing a Song (Ella Jenkins)

13. Con los Animals Sé Gentil / Be Gentle With the Animals (Ramiro Fauve)

14. Juan el Conejo / John the Rabbit (Traditional)

15. Amor y Corazón / Love and Care (Suni Paz)

16. Tres Pajaritos / Three Little Birds (Bob Marley)

17. Nubes Azules / Blue Clouds (Daniel Littleton) 


4/8/18 - Brooklyn Folk Festival


Going into its 70th year, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, the "National Museum of Sound," makes available close to 60,000 tracks in physical and digital format as the nonprofit record label of the Smithsonian, with a reach of 80 million people per year. A division of the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, the non-profit label is dedicated to supporting cultural diversity and increased understanding among people through the documentation, preservation, production and dissemination of sound. Its mission is the legacy of Moses Asch, who founded Folkways Records in 1948 to document "people's music" from around the world. For more information about Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, visit their website.


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