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12 January, 2022Print

Jacob Sartorius’ Debut Film Breathe Documents Life-Changing Trip To Amsterdam

25-minute film follows Sartorius as he travels across the globe to meet his hero, wellness guru Wim Hof

Read how Sartorious’ incorporates the Wim Hof method in GQ here


January 12, 2022 - Today, 19-year-old musician, actor, and social media force Jacob Sartorius releases his debut film Breathe: The Documentary. Available exclusively on YouTube, the nearly 25-minute documentary follows Jacob as he travels from LA to Amsterdam to meet his hero: Dutch wellness guru, motivational speaker, and extreme athlete Wim Hof (aka The Ice Man)

Sartorius conceptualized and produced the documentary to share the immense impact the Wim Hof technique has had on his own life. Jacob was first introduced to the Wim Hof method by his therapist as a way of coping with his anxiety and depression. The daily meditation completely changed how he sees life, and eventually helped Jacob cultivate improved resilience and control through a series of centered deep, rhythmic inhales and exhales.

Documentary highlights include:

  • Visiting Wim Hof at his house in Amsterdam's outskirts
  • Submerging himself in Wim Hof’s ice tub
  • A guided meditation by Wim Hof in what Jacob calls “his most profound breathing exercise to date”

Watch the full documentary above and here.

I am so excited for my fans to see the impact Wim Hof has had on my life,” says Sartorius. “He’s such an incredible personand I wanted my fans to see that. Everyone has to find what works best for them when it comes to their daily, internal struggles. For me, this breathing method has completely changed how I live my life, and I really want my fans to know that this is out there for them.” 

Jacob recently spoke with GQ on the “compelling” documentary and how introducing the Wim Hof breathing method – which is also practiced by Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes, Liam Hemsworth, and more – into his daily routine completely changed his life. Read more on his “Real Life Diet” feature here: gq.com/story/real-life-diet-jacob-sartorius 

The soundtrack of Breathe is his latest EP Lost But Found, a project that brings an unflinching honesty to songs about the ups and downs of fame: the chaos, the disconnect, the anxiety and all that comes in-between. Listen to the “infectious” and “sharp” (American Songwriter) EP here: vydia.lnk.to/LostButFound


About Jacob Sartorius

19-year-old musician, actor and social media phenom Jacob Sartorius is one of Gen-Z’s fastest-growing stars. The People’s Choice Award, Kids’ Choice Award and Teen Choice Award-nominee consistently delivers honest and heartfelt content that has catapulted him to “5th most engaged user on Twitter” and “one of the most engaged accounts globally on Instagram.” A strong advocate for mental well-being, Jacob is passionate about anti-bullying and adoption. He has accumulated an ever-growing following of more than 39 million followers, including 9.9 million Instagram followers, 3 million YouTube subscribers and 24 million TikTok followers. In addition to sold-out performances in the U.S. and around the world, and RIAA gold status for his singles “Sweatshirt” (2016) and “Hit or Miss” (2017), Jacob has graced the cover of Billboard magazine, guested on HBO’s Vice News and NPR’s Here and Now, performed at the Kid’s Choice Awards and HALO Awards and made his national TV debut on MTV’s TRL. Recently, he was featured on Entertainment Tonight, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, American Songwriter and more.



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