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30 March, 2022Print

Jacob Sartorius Lives Out His Worst Nightmare In “Fear Of Intimacy” Video - Available Now

FEAR OF INTIMACY” is the first preview of his TBA new project

Today (3.30), Gen-Z musician, actor, filmmaker and social media force Jacob Sartoriusshares the official video for his latest single “FEAR OF INTIMACY” on his YouTube channel. After teasing the new track to his fans with widespread support, Jacob released the deceptively sunny track earlier this year. Produced by Gingerbread Co (Sean Kingston, Jake Smith, iann dior) and Orion Meshorer, and co-written by Jacob, Barry Cohen, Colin James Magalong and Orion Meshorer, “FEAR OF INTIMACY” finds Jacob yet again wearing his heart on his sleeve and confronting his own commitment issues. 

Directed by Alexander Bradley (Bella Thorne, Bryce Vine) and shot in Los Angeles’ famed Hotel Cafe, Jacob’s fear of commitment is brought to life, in an angsty and witty recreation of everyone’s worst nightmare: that classic dream where one arrives at an event, and suddenly realizes they forgot their clothes. As Jacob lives through the nightmare at his own concert, the crowd becomes increasingly aggressive, a parallel to the online bullies Jacob has had to face throughout his career. 

Watch it above and here.

I’ve always had that terrible dream where I suddenly have no clothes on in a room full of people, with no way to fix it,” says Jacob. “I wanted to bring that dream to life, as a comedic way to demonstrate some of the heavier themes of the song, like anxiety and commitment issues. I had such a blast shooting this one, and hope that my fans love it too!

“FEAR OF INTIMACY” follows Jacob’s debut film, Breathe: The Documentary, which he released in early 2022. The nearly 25-minute film chronicles Jacob’s trip to Amsterdam to meet his hero – dutch wellness guru Wim Hof, the creator of the breathwork technique that started Jacob on his journey to inner peace. Read more via GQ about how the Wim Hof Method changed his daily life (here), and don’t miss Jacob on Meditative Story, sharing how the method helped him overcome his bullies and more (here). 


About Jacob Sartorius:

19-year-old musician, actor and social media phenom Jacob Sartorius is one of Gen-Z’s fastest-growing stars. The People’s Choice Award, Kids’ Choice Award and Teen Choice Award-nominee consistently delivers honest and heartfelt content that has catapulted him to “5th most engaged user on Twitter” and “one of the most engaged accounts globally on Instagram.” A strong advocate for mental well-being, Jacob is passionate about anti-bullying and adoption. He has accumulated an ever-growing following of more than 39 million followers, including 10.1 million Instagram followers, 3 million YouTube subscribers and 24 million TikTok followers. In addition to sold-out performances in the U.S. and around the world, and RIAA gold status for his singles “Sweatshirt” (2016) and “Hit or Miss” (2017), Jacob has graced the cover of Billboard magazine, guested on HBO’s Vice News and NPR’s Here and Now, performed at the Kid’s Choice Awards and HALO Awards and made his national TV debut on MTV’s TRL. Recently, he was featured on Entertainment Tonight, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, American Songwriter and more.





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