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13 September, 2021Print

Jacob Sartorius Confronts Life In The Spotlight On Most Vulnerable Project To Date, ‘Lost But Found’ EP

Jacob Sartorius Confronts Life In The Spotlight On Most Vulnerable Project To Date, ‘Lost But Found’ EP

Preview singles include “For Real” and “Hey, Hello, Goodbye,” available now 

5-track EP available October 1st - Presave it here

Jacob Sartorius -- the multi-talented musician, actor, and worldwide social media force -- announces his Lost But Found EP, out October 1st. Arriving in time for his 19th birthday, this 5-track EP is Sartorius’ most vulnerable project to date. From catchy alt-rock beats to powerful pop-punk ballads, the EP unlocks a new chapter in Sartorius’ life in the internet spotlight, channeling the unflinching honesty of the ups-and-downs of his rise to fame: the chaos, the disconnect, the anxiety and all that comes in-between. 

Jacob co-wrote each of the songs of the EP and enlisted some of pop’s hottest producers and songwriters to collaborate on the project, including Grammy-nominated multi-platinum songwriting and music production trio The Invisible Men (Lil Peep, XXXTentacion, Iggy Azalea, Miley Cyrus), Grammy-nominated produced Sam Ricci (SZA, Kendrick Lamar, Khalid), Jake Crocker (dempsey hope)Tony Rodini (Mod Sun, Bear)Gehring Miller (Cardi B, Normani, Kehlani) and more. 

“This EP means a lot to me because it really lets people see a side of me that I’ve feared for a while,” says Jacob Sartorius. “I’ve been very lost at times and as an artist and an adult I feel it’s my job to not sugarcoat what I’m feeling and be honest and real. I made this EP during a really uncertain and scary time in my life. I’m constantly learning and discovering new ways to cope with mental health, so I don’t have to rely on things that would hurt me long term. I just hope somebody can listen to my EP and think ‘Wow, maybe I’m not alone in what I’m feeling,’ and have a positive impact on anyone dealing with the same things I am.”

Ahead of the release, Jacob has shared two singles from Lost But Found. The first -- “For Real” -- is an infectious, The Truman Show-inspired track that playfully explores a sense of disconnection from reality. More recently, Jacob shared Hey, Hello, Goodbye” featuring dempsey hope, pulling the curtain on the stark realities of the disingenuous relationships that can occur while living in the glass castle that is Los Angeles.


About Jacob Sartorius:

18-year-old musician, actor and social media phenom Jacob Sartorius is one of Gen-Z’s fastest-growing stars. The People’s Choice Award, Kid’s Choice Award and Teen Choice Award-nominee consistently delivers honest and heartfelt content that has catapulted him to “5th most engaged user on Twitter” and “one of the most engaged accounts globally on Instagram.” A strong advocate for mental well-being, Jacob is passionate about anti-bullying and adoption. He has accumulated an ever-growing following that includes 9.4 million Instagram followers, over 3 million YouTube subscribers and more than 24 million TikTok followers. In addition to sold-out performances in the U.S. and around the world, and RIAA gold status for his singles “Sweatshirt” (2016) and “Hit or Miss” (2017), Jacob has graced the cover of Billboard magazine, guested on HBO’s Vice News and NPR’s Here and Now, performed at the Kid’s Choice Awards and HALO Awards and made his national TV debut on MTV’s TRL. Recently, he was featured on Entertainment Tonight, Clevver News and Seventeen. 


Lost But Found Track List:

  1. For Real (Jacob Sartorius, Matthew Marino, Anthony Benjamin Rodini, George Astasio, Jason Pebworth, Jon Shave, Darryl Reid)
  2. Hey Hello Goodbye feat. dempsey hope (Sartorius, dempsey hope, Jake Crocker)
  3. lifesallgood (Sartorius, dempsey hope, Crocker)
  4. Trapped in the Car (Sartorius, Astasio, Dan Smith, Respons)
  5. Fly Away (Sartorius, Chris Miles, Sam Ricci, Gehring Miller)


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YouTube: youtube.com/user/jacobsartorius 

TikTok: tiktok.com/@jacobsartorius

Instagram: instagram.com/jacobsartorius

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Website: jacobsartorius.com 







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