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17 April, 2024Print

Dreamy Pop Harmonies Meet “Blue And Black” Heartbreak

Dreamy Pop Harmonies Meet “Blue And Black” Heartbreak

Today (4.17), genre-bending family duo Lane Brothers — made up of songwriting sibs Grayson and Garrett Lane and known for its stunning blood harmonies — share its new melancholy heartbreak ballad “Blue and Black” via Big Yellow Dog Music. 

Listen here: stem.ffm.to/blueandblack

Co-written by the Lane Brothers and Jeremy Lister, who has toured with Alison Krauss/Union Station, Ben Folds, Colbie Caillat and more, the haunting “Blue and Black” encapsulates the pain that lingers after the end of a relationship and the hesitation to become vulnerable in love again. Featuring reverb-heavy instrumentation and 808 drums that recall the sonics of artists such as Joji and Mac Ayres, “Blue and Black” is a dreamscape of harmony-driven sad-boy pop.

In the past year, Grayson and Garrett Lane have earned praise from Shawn Mendes, Boyz II Men, Teddy Swims, Meghan Trainor and more on social media for their youthful, retro-pop stylings. 

The Lane Brothers will release more new music throughout the year. For more information, visit lanebrothersmusic.com, or follow @lane.brothers on Instagram and @lanebros on TikTok to stay up-to-date.



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