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12 May, 2022Print

Netta Reclaims Herself In Latest Video

Netta Reclaims Herself In Latest Video

Quirk Pop Sensation Encourages Self-Love with “I Love My Nails” Video

Watch “I Love My Nails” HERE

Set To Perform At Chicago Pridefest and NYC’s Pride Island This Summer

Plus Shows In Philly and DC


Today, Netta releases her vibrant video to her ode of self-love “I Love My Nails.” With a major dose of self-confidence, “I Love My Nails” is an uplifting reclamation of the little things we do just for ourselves that get us back on our feet when we are at our lowest point. Painting and building her nails  became her own form of self-therapy and helped Netta when dealing with rejection and putting color back into her life, to which she shows in her latest video. 

WATCH “I Love My Nails” HERE

The video is symbolic to Netta’s growth, finding herself evolving and growing like the trees, vines, and flowers around her as well as her nails. She is skipping in an open field representing her found freedom behind the shackles of self-doubt and no confidence. It is an inspiring message to those who have lost themselves during a heartbreak that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

“I Love My Nails” (S-Curve/Hollywood Records) is the latest track from one of the world’s most beloved quirk-pop masters – an artist that has continually redefined the boundaries of pop music with humor, versatility, creativity, and of course her powerhouse vocal ability. It follows in the one-of-a-kind footsteps of several past global smash hits from Netta including the aforementioned “Toy” (over 161 million views), as well as “Bassa Sababa” (over 239 million views), “Ricki Lake” (over 10 million views), and her most recent drop “CEO” (over 6.8 million views).

This summer, Netta is set to perform at Chicago Pridefest on and NYC’s Pride Island as well as hitting up major cities Philly and DC for a first time performance. These shows are absolute must sees, One’s To Watch even stated, “you are a bit delinquent if you haven't caught the awe inspiring persona that is Israel's Netta. A woman of high friction fun, her live shows and performances are superlative generators.” You can find more info HERE.

Netta has become one of the trailblazing global pop innovators in modern music, turning the genre into a colorful funhouse of fizzy experimentation. Since winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018 with “Toy”, she performed on NBC’s TODAY, dropped her ‘Goody Bag’ EP, was a guest on Switched On Pop discussing her personal journey as an artist and what it takes to make the perfect Eurovision song, performed for Billboard, and was spotlighted by Consequence of Sound who said she has “dominated stages around the world and seen her music spread like wildfire”, BUST who called her the “soulful singer creating escapist videos you didn’t know you needed” and Hey Alma who praised her as a “role model”. During the pandemic she also released a covers EP (‘The Best Of Netta’s Office - Vol. 1’) which, inspired by her YouTube performance series of the same name, included mind-altering interpretations of songs like Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin’”, “Barbie Girl” by Aqua, and the Mary Poppins staple “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.


Netta Show Dates

Jun 18th - Chicago, IL - Chicago Pride Fest

Jun 22nd - Philadelphia, PA - The Fillmore

Jun 23rd - Washington, DC - Union Stage

June 25th - Brooklyn, NY - Pride Island 





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