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18 April, 2023Print

Recap: Relix Music Conference kicks off at Brooklyn Bowl Nashville

Yesterday (4.17), Relix Music Conference kicked off at Brooklyn Bowl Nashville, marking the conference’s first time coming to Music City. The day included conversations about artist branding and the intersection of mental health and music, as well as a conversation with iconic musician Peter Frampton. Below are some highlights from the first day.

Sound Check: The State Of The Business Part 1

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Photo Credit: Em Wallis

Relix Magazine’s Dean Budnick moderated a panel that encompassed many different topics currently affecting the industry, including how artists can get creative in the digital world, how to navigate the influx of new disruptive technology, how independent venues are partnering with out-of-the-box brands and much more. Panelists included Aaron Frank of AMFM, Dayna Frank of First Avenue Productions and National Independent Venue Association, Ad.Ventures’ Josh Rowe, Spotify’s Mary Catherine Kinney and Tara Moore of PSBM. 

In Conversation: Peter Frampton

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Photo Credit: Em Wallis

Iconic guitarist and songwriter Peter Frampton sat down with music journalist Holly Gleason for a career-spanning conversation where he discussed his work with his bands The Herd and Humble Pie, the intersection of prog-rock and hard rock, meeting George Harrison for the first time, his relationship with David Bowie and much more. 

Brand Aid

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Photo Credit: Em Wallis

Greg Knight Music’s Greg Knight led a conversation that featured Mark Weiss of 237 Global, Brian Schwartz of 75 Management and MAC Presents’ Marcie Allen. The three panelists discussed how to make brand partnerships feel authentic, creating relationships with brands, the need for artists to control their own data and more.

Where Is My Mind: Mental Health & The Music Industry

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Photo Credit: Em Wallis

Moderated by Backline’s Hilary Gleason, this thought-provoking conversation featured musician Andy Frasco, Gibson Gives’ Erica Krusen, Michele Augis of The Neal Casal Music Foundation and Tatum Allsep of the Music Health Alliance. The group talked about the decrease in stigma around mental health conversations, giving people the opportunity to process grief, how the industry can work together to help to provide community care and the resources available through various organizations.

Americana Music Association Showcase

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Photo Credit: Em Wallis

Soul-Americana fusion singer Autumn Nicholas and country duo BOWEN * YOUNG performed showcase concerts presented by the Americana Music Association on the Brooklyn Bowl patio.

Point A to Point Z: Optimizing the Fan Experience

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Photo Credit: Em Wallis

Peter Shapiro of Dayglo Presents, tvg Hospitality’s Ben Lovett, Live Nation Entertainment’s Tom See and Chrissy Hall of Ryman Hospitality Properties came together for a conversation about the fan experience in live music encompassing from announcing a show to selling tickets and putting it on. Moderated by IEBA’s Pam Matthews, the panel covered topics including the biggest obstacles for the fan experience, common problems that venues can solve, what live music experiences can learn from the hospitality industry and more.

We B-E-E Spelling with Andy Frasco and the U.N.

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Photo Credit: Em Wallis

Guests were treated to a unique spelling bee-inspired game show with blues-rock outfit Andy Frasco and the U.N., who closed out the conference’s jam-packed first day.

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