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7 June, 2017Print

Summerfest 2017 Press Raves

"Dance the days and nights away at Summerfest.” - The New York Times


"An 11-day bonanza."  - The New York Times


"When it comes to bang for the buck, there is no better festival than Milwaukee's Summerfest." – Thrillist


 "Summerfest is the biggest rager to hit Milwaukee…well, ever. The jam-packed lineup plays on for an outrageous eleven days."- The Daily Beast


 "So big that they do it in two shifts instead of one." - Travel Pulse


"50 years later, Milwaukee's Summerfest still sounds like a winner." - Chicago Tribune


"Summer's hottest Festivals”  - Billboard


 "13 Music Festivals You Can’t Miss in 2017"  - Teen Vogue


"Best Music Festivals worth attending this year" - Elle Magazine 


 "Most anticipated festivals for the summer"  -The Daily Beast


"Country Festivals to See in 2017"  - CMT


"Music festival Feasts for the Ears"-  Boomer Magazine


"Five US Summer Music Festivals That Are Worth The Trip."  -Travel Pulse


"Best of 2017 Music Festivals"  -  Forbes