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10 March, 2017Print

What press are saying

“Everything about the long-running Rockabye Baby! music series sparks a smile…it's also notable for how fully realized and deftly orchestrated these cover songs are.”

-NPR Music, 2.7.17

“The series has fun with the notion of kids’ music, coupling playful melodies with wink-wink irony.”

-LA Times, 11.25.16

"Rockabye Baby lets you introduce your little one to your own favorite tunes, albeit in a baby-fied version. There’s literally dozens of albums to doze off to, from Fleetwood Mac to Jane’s Addiction to Kanye West."

–Well Rounded NYC 12.17.15

"Anyone who’s taken care of kids before knows how hard it is to get them to nap, but Rockabye Baby is making the process easier and more enjoyable. It’s also surprisingly soothing, even for a grown adult."

–AXS 12.11.15,

"Forget about playing “Mary Had A Little Lamb” when you can play songs like “Sugar, We’re Going Down” and “Dance, Dance” off the new album Lullaby Renditions of Fall Out Boy."

– Alternative Press 12.9.15 

"Do you have an infant as well as an undying love of all things Fall Out Boy? Rockabye Baby!, which sells lullaby covers of rock songs, has just the thing for you."
-Fuse 12.11.15

"The ongoing Rockabye Baby! series of pop covers can be really good too."
-Fader 12.15.15

"The music of pop-punk heroes Fall Out Boy gets the extreme makeover, altering songs like "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race" and "Sugar, We're Goin Down" into pleasantly innocuous sleep jams using soothing marimba and chime keyboard tones… but don't expect any angst during naptime."

-All Music 12.4.15

"The lullabies are even perfect to play around the office at work. Forget the boring elevator or waiting room music."

- WhoSay 11.3.15

"Taylor Swift is loved around the world for her catchy music and jaw-dropping performances, but fans that have babies are now in for a real treat. Songs like “Blank Space,” “Love Story,” “Our Song,” and “You Belong With Me” are being remade into lullabies and the songs are just as cute as Taylor Swift."

-Inquisitr 11.7.15

"Sure, “Shake It Off” is primed for viral flash mobs, and the original “Bad Blood” tempo sprung a squad into action, but the Rockabye Baby! musicians have beautifully made the songs perfect for inspiring dreams."

-People.com 10.29.15

"The album offers gentle, twinkly, super-soothing versions of recent hits like “Bad Blood” and “Blank Space” along with old classics like “Love Story” and “You Belong With Me.” -

Time  10.30.15

"For what it's worth, you don't have to be a little kid to enjoy. This is pretty nice background work music as well."

-Billboard 10.29.15

"While these songs won't get anyone lit at the club, the twinkly tunes are actually pretty entrancing and maybe therapists could use them as music to hypnotize patients or something. The lullaby rendition of "Bad Blood," especially, is aces. Vulture 10.29.15
The geniuses behind these transformed T-Swift tracks are as clever as they are talented. In the description for Lullaby Renditions of Taylor Swift, Rockabye Baby teases, "Restless kids keeping you up at night, parents? Just shake it off."

:The Rockabye Baby CD series reinterprets punk, metal, and classic rock anthems into gentle, tinkling tunes perfect for putting the wee ones to bed while planting seeds of monster rock greatness to bloom at a later date."

-VH1 10.29.15

 "Baby's first Metallica: The fast-growing market for hipsters-in-training (and diapers)."

- New York Times


"[The Rockabye Baby series is] good news for rocker parents, many of whom have attempted to play punk, rock, and heavy metal for their wee ones only to be met with whines before ultimately giving in to Elmo sing-alongs and cheesy rock versions of 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star'."

- Los Angeles Times


"Whether it's sleepy time or crazy time, these rock albums have tots covered."

- Boston Globe


"Baby can't sleep? Try these rock ditties made into mellow lullabies for kiddies."

- Entertainment Weekly


 “Introduce your newborn to your favorite music with Rockabye Baby’s Lullaby Renditions of Michael Jackson…get ready for your little one to start moonwalking.”

- Parents Magazine


“Call this the music box version of Jay Z and Alicia Key’s rousing New York anthem.”’

- Entertainment Weekly


“ You may have 99 problems, but a crying baby won’t be one of them if Jay Z has anything to say about it.”

- USA Today Online


“Rockabye Baby releases are like a private game of ‘Name That Tune’ that parents can play while their little ones benefit from soothing arrangements of classic tunes.”



“Now that’s music to a baby’s ears.”

- Salt Lake Tribune


“More than 50 of the music industry’s biggest names, like Led Zeppelin, Weezer, and Jay Z, have been given the lullaby treatment.”

-ParentGuide News


“The album is entirely instrumental --- rap lyrics, big beats and soaring melodies are scaled back into breathy flute and tiny taps on the xylophone (so parents needn’t be nervous about titles like “Big Pimpin” and “Can’t Knock the Hustle”).

-Time Out NY Kids


“What songs did your parents sing to you to put you to sleep? ‘Hush Little Baby’? ‘Rock-A-Bye Baby’? ‘Master Of Puppets’? Turns out that last one isn’t so far off thanks to a series of albums called Rockabye Baby!”

-Consequence of Sound


“When I heard about a new album that takes White Stripes songs, removes any trace of testosterone-laden guitar, adds xylophones and bells, and calls the result ‘lullabies,’ I was intrigued. Let’s be real, though: Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of the White Stripes isn’t for babies, it’s for parents.”

-Time Out Chicago


“The album’s a great way to introduce one of my favorite bands to my son, without subjecting him to the frightening, ghostly visage of Jack White just yet.”

-Time Out Chicago


“Let’s say you love raucous music like rock n roll, heavy metal, rap and hip hop. But you also have a little one at home. What to do? … you might want to check out a line of records called Rockabye Baby.”

-KPCC “Take Two”


“The Kindie music scene is thriving and offers a lot of wonderful options for families. But sometimes you just want to hear one of your grown-up favorites and still get your kid to fall asleep. This newly released lullaby version of the White Stripes’ ‘Seven Nation Army’ could just do the trick.”

-Entertainment Weekly


“Unlike you and I, who had to listen to ‘Hush Little Baby’ sung by our tone-dead mother, Kanye’s daughter will get Grammy award-worthy bedtime performances.”

-E! News Online


“Today I have the debut of a video for Rockabye’s Bennie and the Jets. Obviously, it’s baby-friendly!”

-USA Today


“Classic melodies soothe tots and appeal to adults.”

- All You


“The next time your baby is inconsolably wailing, put them in an Empire State of Mind. Jay Z is the latest to get the cry-fighting treatment of Rockabye Baby, which transforms rock and rap hits into soothing baby-friendly tunes.”

-Metro Boston


“Rockabye Baby! Takes your favorite Rap stars and does lullaby renditions of their most popular songs. Its literally, maybe, the greatest thing you have ever heard. I warn you, do not play this at work because you may go to sleep.”

-XXL Magazine


“Next up on Jay Z’s list of musical hits: lullabies! Well, not exactly. Twelve of Hova’s most popular songs are getting remade into baby-friendly lullabies for Rockabye Baby!, and after a quick listen, we’re about ready for a nap ourselves.”

-Refinery 29


“Roth cheerfully admits that the origins of the music matter more to the parents than to the babies.”

- Baby & Kids Magazine