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26 May, 2021Print

YouTube Creators Can Now Get Investor-Funded Advances On Royalty Exchange

New Program Kicks Off With YouTube Celebrity CJ So Cool

DENVER, May 26th, 2021 — Royalty Exchange, the world’s largest platform for buying and selling royalties, continues its mission to financially empower all creatives by its expanding funding opportunities to YouTube creators. 

Through this new program, YouTube creators can now receive funding against their future video advertising income from Royalty Exchange’s network of over 27,000 investor members. Creators have complete control over how much they request and exactly how much they’ll repay in return.


Here’s how it works: 

  • YouTubers can submit a minimum funding request on Royalty Exchange. From there, they also choose the maximum they’d repay and what percentage of their monthly revenue will go towards repayment. 
  • Investors on Royalty Exchange bid for the chance to fund the request, knowing upfront the exact return on their investment. 
  • Bidding is in an auction format, so the more bids generated, the greater the amount the Youtube creator will receive. But the investor will only collect the amount listed upfront, no more.
  • The winning investor collects a percentage of the creator’s YouTube revenue until they reach the amount listed, at which point all revenue reverts back to the creator. 


Earlier this year, Royalty Exchange launched a similar program for independent music artists which has been so successful, and is now expanding it to YouTube creators.

The first YouTuber to take advantage of the program is CJ So Cool. His popular prank and viewer-reaction videos have amassed over 8.4 million subscribers and 18.8 million monthly views. 

The first of his two advance listings is live now:

“What I loved about Royalty Exchange is I can still collect a good piece of my monthly revenue, but they’re getting me a huge upfront investment that I can use to create even bigger and better content,” said CJ So Cool. “These types of deals haven’t been available to YouTuber’s before.”

“As a former starving artist, I understand the financial challenges people in creative industries face,” said Royalty Exchange CEO Anthony Martini. “It’s my mission to make sure all creative ideas — whether that’s a song or a video — are seen as the valuable works that they are. This program advances our mission to empower creators of all types with the ability to extract immediate value from their hard work while allowing them the flexibility they deserve.”



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