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Matt Urmy, CEO, Artist Growth (photo credit: Susan Urmy)Download
Matt Urmy, CEO, Artist Growth (photo credit: Susan Urmy)Download
Matt Urmy, CEO, Artist Growth (photo credit: Susan Urmy)Download
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Artist Growth

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June 13, 2018

Artist Growth Evolves into Music Industry's Most Advanced All-Encompassing Artist Management Platform for Live Touring

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December 9, 2015

BMI Partners With Artist Growth For Artist Discovery Network 'AG Accel'

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October 27, 2015

Artist Growth Members Earn Discounts At Pilot And Flying J Locations

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August 27, 2015

Sony Music Joins Artist Growth's Artist Discovery Network

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Founded in 2012, Artist Growth is the only cloud based solution on the market today that offers managers and musicians the tools they need to comprehensively manage their career– so artists can spend more time on the music, and managers can focus more on the big picture. With a robust set of tools, covering Events, Tasks, Finances, Merchandise and Data Reporting, Artist Growth provides clients with a refined set of industry best practices for organizing, managing and analyzing information. Artist Growth is for musicians, managers, labels and other industry professionals looking to streamline their workflow and build their passion into a career. Learn more at

About Matt Urmy, CEO of Artist Growth

After singer-songwriter Matt Urmy blew a meeting with an interested Nashville manager because he didn’t know how many albums he’d sold, he knew he needed a tool to help him manage his day-to-day operations. Three years later, he unveiled Artist Growth, a cloud-based mobile app that lets musicians keep track of finances, inventory, tour schedules, promotions and just about every other aspect of running a band. While the botched management meeting may have been the most direct catalyst for Urmy starting the now multi-million-dollar company, a series of life events had long been fostering his rare combination of artistic creativity and business acumen. Born in New York City and raised in Tennessee, Urmy spent his twenties bouncing between attending college and playing in a band, between living out of a Jeep on a six-month, cross-country road trip and embedding himself in the villages of New Zealand with the Maori tribe. After falling into a data-research job back in Tennessee and thriving in the field, Urmy applied what he’d learned about recordkeeping to the touring life with Artist Growth, whose groundbreaking software he’s now expanding for use in other industries. Reflecting on his path from college dropout to master’s-degree holder, from adopted Maori to one of the country’s fastest-rising tech visionaries, Urmy says, “This is one hell of a ride, and I'm living it.”



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