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March 16, 2023

Nabela Noor Introduces Nabela Noor Home, Her Reimagined Home Brand

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August 4, 2021

Nabela Noor Launches Saara & Begum, A Lifestyle & Homewares Brand Honoring Her Bangladeshi And Pennsylvania Roots Through Thoughtfully Curated Products

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About Nabela Noor:

Nabela Noor is a first generation Bangladeshi-American designer, homemaker, author and entrepreneur. Through her catalog of work, she has become the ultimate tastemaker of aesthetics covering home, beauty, fashion, lifestyle and more.  With a passion for representation and a commitment to promoting self-care, Nabela empowers millions around the world to celebrate the little moments of goodness in each day by sharing inspiration through her home, her multicultural family, her kitchen and her perspective on intentional living. 

Growing up in small town Pennsylvania coupled with little to no Bengali and South Asian representation in entertainment and media, Noor dreamt of being a part of changing that for future generations to come - always keeping her first born, Amalia Rana, center of heart. In 2021, Nabela released her debut picture book BEAUTIFULLY ME published by Simon & Schuster. Through the main character, Zubi, a joyful Bangladeshi girl excited about her first day at school, BEAUTIFULLY ME is a message to adults and children to be kinder to themselves because you never know who is watching, listening and learning.

In March of 2020 amidst a global pandemic, Nabela's globally recognized #PocketsOfPeace series inspired the launch of Nabela Noor Home, a community for modern and fusion homemaking centered in celebrating the simple moments of goodness in each day. From decor inspo, delicious recipes and self-care tips, Nabela and her various brands have become a hub for all things comfort, grateful living and home inspiration. 

With a passion for homemaking and love for family traditions, Nabela dreamt of a way to help families everywhere celebrate their homes with meaningful touches and quality products. The growing NNH community and Nabela's shared love for all things home inspired the transition into crafting unique home products, made from artisans in Pennsylvania and Bangladesh. Nabela Noor Home is a family-owned brand which celebrates Bangladeshi heritage and small town Pennsylvania living.

In September of 2019, Nabela traveled to Bangladesh with her husband Seth with a hope to introduce Seth to her country, her culture and the beautiful people of Bangladesh. Together, they traveled to various cities, villages and tourist attractions, but the most memorable experience was a trip to a JAAGO school in Banani, Dhaka. On March 8th, 2020, International Women’s Day, heavily inspired by this trip, the Noor House Scholarship program created by Noor and her husband launched - in partnership with JAAGO Foundation - with a focus on scholarships and commitment to girls education at the Banani Branch in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Today, Noor House Scholarship houses 20 girls ages 5-7 whom are enrolled and receive free education and resources as well as vital tools for their growth and development into becoming the strong, trailblazing leaders they are destined to be.

As told to Architectural Digest, Nabela is embracing a new chapter as a mother, while balancing her career and exploring her passions in the kitchen and home design – “I just want to create a space that feels like a safe haven.” Her work has been featured in People, Rolling Stone, The Cut, Allure, Elle and more while also gracing the recent covers of Parents and Glamour Magazine.

Today, with over 12 million followers across platforms and over 1.5 billion views, she shines a light on her experiences living at the intersection of various communities.  Nabela and her growing family currently reside in Central Pennsylvania.



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