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November 2020

06 November

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue/ ‘DISCO’/ BMG

Kylie Minogue’s new album ‘DISCO’ will be released on November 6th this year. ‘DISCO’ is the first new album since her 2018 album ‘Golden’, which hit number 1 in both the UK and Australia. She has sold more than 80 million albums worldwide and has multiple awards and accolades to her name, including 3 BRIT Awards, 2 MTV Music Awards and a Grammy. 

13 November


Masego/ Studying Abroad EP/  EQT Recordings/Capitol Records

Masego, “one of music’s most promising chameleons'' (NPR Music), officially announces his upcoming project: Studying Abroad, a concept EP out November 13th via EQT Recordings and Capitol Records. The project is a tropical journey through every stage of a relationship, from beginning to end, and shows off a new and reflective side of the "musical polyglot" (LA Times). The highly-anticipated seven-track collection shows Masego evolving in real-time, an expansion both in terms of production choice and collaborative partners. 

13 November

Marc Scibilia / ‘Seed of Joy’

New York/Nashville songwriter Marc Scibilia announces his new album ‘Seed of Joy.’ Written over the course of a trying year in which Scibilia welcomed his first child into the world only to lose his father to brain cancer shortly thereafter, ‘Seed Of Joy’ is a resilient collection of uplifting songs with buoyant arrangements to match, blending heartfelt revelations with an intoxicating intimacy. 

13 November

Josh Abbott Band/ The Highway Kind

The Highway Kind finds lead singer Josh Abbott embracing life as a loving husband and doting father of two after 12 years as a road warrior and frontman of his country band.  The music reflects Abbott’s his newfound purpose as a father and a husband.  While making the record, Abbott and his wife relocated from Austin to Nashville for three months where he embraced the collaborative songwriting scene.  Abbott dubs the new album “the first real, true band album experience” that they have recorded. The band hunkered down at the famed Texas studio for two weeks in mid-2019 where their musicianship evolved as they worked closely with Altman. 

13 November

Erika Ender

Erika Ender/ ‘MP3 - 45’/ BMG

Erika Ender - the prolific Panamanian singer-songwriter, producer, composer and philanthropist best known for co-writing the massive global hit “Despacito” and more - announces her new album MP3 - 45, her debut album for BMG out November 13th. MP3 - 45 is a multilingual concept album that pays tribute to the music of Erika’s past while charging head-first into the sounds of her future, celebrating the dichotomy of a modern woman who both honors tradition and embraces change. Each song on the album will be presented through a series of music videos that illustrate moments of Erika’s lived experiences - her own stories turned into sonic and visual episodes.

17 November

Sam and Colby

‘Paradise Island: A Sam and Colby Story’ Release

Teen Choice Awards winners, content creators and entrepreneurs Sam and Colby will release their debut novel titled Paradise Island: A Sam and Colby Storyon Nov. 17 via Permuted Press. Sam Golbach and Colby Brock take their paranormal story telling to the next level with this thrilling novel full of twists and turns. 

20 November

Gabriel Conte/ Belong/ Capitol CMG / RE:THINK

Emerging Pop-Christian singer Gabriel Conte announces his debut LP, Belong, out Nov. 20th via Capitol CMG / RE:THINK. A ten-track chronological story of his life and career thus far, the record was written by Conte, Denny White, Zachary Staines, Clayton Mullins, and Phil Hancock and produced by White, Staines, and Mullins.

20 November

Grandaddy/ The Sophtware Slump (20th Anniversary)

Jason Lytle made The Sophtware Slump while red-eyed and running around a sweltering slipshod home studio in his boxers using some gear he planned to return to Best Buy as soon as he was done. Two decades after making a DIY masterpiece, Lytle found himself recording those songs again as their own entity, sweating in his apartment (again) and trying to create a controlled environment while surrounded by chaos. He laughs at the challenge of reinventing the album. “Because of the pandemic,” says Lytle, “all of the sudden, I was looking at a real deadline to make the damn thing. Here we go, just like the old days.”

20 November

Dirty Projectors

Dirty Projectors/ Ring Road EP/ Domino Records

On November 20th, Dirty Projectors will conclude the cycle of EPs they first commenced in February 2020 with Ring Road, the fifth and final EP installment. In tandem, all songs from this chapter will be released as a full 20-song anthology titled 5EPs.

Until now, each previous EP showcased the voice of a different band member, backed by stylistically-shifting suites of music produced by Dave Longstreth: the existential folk of Windows Open sung by Maia Friedman, Felicia Douglass's future soul on Flight Tower, Longstreth's endless melody on Super João, and the recomposed orchestral glitch of Earth Crisis with Kristin Slipp.

Ring Road presents Dirty Projectors' dynamic, full-band sound, weaving the emotional and sonic threads of the previous four EPs into a whole with dual guitars, vocal interplay, and ear-catching refrains. Friedman, Douglass, Slipp and Longstreth trade verses and harmonies; drummer Mike Johnson drives propulsive arrangements.

20 November

Tim Minchin/ ‘Apart Together’/ BMG

Tony- and GRAMMY-nominated performer Tim Minchin - the Australian polymath known for his irreverent comedy routines, his beloved scores for musicals including ‘Matilda: The Musical’ and ‘Groundhog Day,’ and his appearances on TV shows such as ‘Californication’ - has announced his forthcoming debut album ‘Apart Together,’ out this November on BMG. 

20 November

Rexx Life Raj/ California Poppy 2/ Empire

Rexx Life Raj, the Berkeley rapper who has a “rare combination of lyrical mastery and dynamic vocal melodies” (SF Chronicle), officially announces his new EP California Poppy 2. Out November 20th via EMPIRE, the project explores life’s highs and lows with a masterful flow, as Raj makes thoughtful observances about what it means to be a Black man in America.