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November 2023

10 November


Beirut/ ‘Hadsel’/ Pompeii Records

Zach Condon returns to announce his first new Beirut album in more than four fateful and reinvigorating years. Out November 10th on his own Pompeii RecordsHadsel is a collection of 12 songs that find warmth and solace in the most extreme darkness, from the severe self-doubt that led to the LP's creation, to the arctic conditions that kept Condon inspired: following the persistent throat issues that forced him to cancel the end of Beirut's Gallipoli tour in 2019, and question whether he would ever be able to play a live show again, Zach Condon sought not only to recover, but to escape. He manifested a dream of retreating to a small cabin where the sun never rose above the horizon, and in the first days of 2020, he arrived on the island of Hadsel, far up the northern part of Norway in the middle of Vesterålen. There, Condon met a collector and fellow organ enthusiast named Oddvar, who gave him access to the local Hadselkirke. Dating back to the early 1800s, the wooden, octagonal structure housed the first church organ that Condon would ever play, and for two months he began to build the foundation of this album. Fully written, performed and recorded by Zach Condon, Hadsel brings Beirut back to its solitary yet self-assured roots, exploring new sounds and foreign settings while simultaneously proving to himself that he can once again manage on his own.